Hilltribe Gourmet coffee is made from the finest, 100% Arabica beans, the industry standard for gourmet coffee. The beans are hand-cultivated by independent Hill Tribe communities in the Golden Triangle area of Thailand. At an altitude of 1,500 meters, temperate climatic conditions are perfect for producing a coffee that is naturally mellow and evenly balanced.

Hilltribe Gourmet's smooth, aromatic, full-bodied flavor is a product of climate soil and elevation, unique to this area, and to the expert roasting techniques of the Golden Triangle Coffee Co.Read next

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Hilltribe Gourmet Teas are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals. At an altitude of 800 t0 1,500 meters, temperate climate and seasonal rains produce teas of supeb natural taste and quality. Hilltribe Gourmet Tea's fragrant aroma and range of subtle flavors reflects the high quality of the tealeaves.Read next


Hilltribe Gourmet offers three varieties of honey: Longan, Lychee, and Wild Flower. All honeys are 100% pure with no artificial colors, additives or preservatives. Production is strictly monitored, adhering to strict standards of hygiene and product consistency and quality.

Our honeys are available in two varieties: Bee Pollen and Comb Honey. Bee Pollen Honey and Comb Honey contain antibiotic substances, vitamins B complex and E, 28 minerals and 18 essential amino acids. Honey is a proven naturopathic medicine recommended for the relief of allergies, influenza, rheumatism and high blood pressure. In addtion to its medicinal properties, vitamin rich Bee Pollen and Comb Honey are also prized for their cosmetic benefits; in particular the maintenance of youthful looking, healthy skin.Read next     



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