Kanjana-apa Co., Ltd. (KAP) was established in 1995 in Bangkok, Thailand. KAP manufactures, trades and exports high quality coffee, tea, and honeys from Thailand under the label "Hill Tribe Gourmet," organically grown fruits and vegetables, rice, and Thai herbs under the "Farmers' Choice" label and a variety of traditional Thai handicrafts, silks and ceramics. Select products are currently displayed at King Power Duty Free, Thailand, and Alpha Onboard Sales, Thai International Airways, supermarkets and major hotels throughout Bangkok.

KAP's distinctive range of food, beverage products, and handicrafts are the result of innovation, dedication and hard work. We not only promote our products, we develop them, which means that quality control is of primary importance. We closely monitor everything we promote and develop to give our customers confidence in our ability to meet your requirements. Our main export markets are Europe, the USA and Japan, so we are fully aware of international market standards.

At KAP our dedication to providing quality products is paralleled by our obligation to improve the domestic industry and economy of our country. Therefore, KAP is committed to improving the lives of farmers and remote Hill Tribe communities. We work closely with farmers throughout Thailand and the administration of the Hill Tribe Children's Home in Mae Taeng, Northern Thailand, to help the people whose products we promote and develop.

Our future growth and development is guaranteed by our commitment to the continual improvement of manufacturing and quality control processes. We maintain the highest standards - ethical, moral, and legal - in all our dealings with our customers, without compromise.

300/35 M0010, Lumplatiew, Latkrabang, Bangkok 10520 Thailand
Tel: 66 02 7374683 to 4 Fax:66 02 7374839 E-mail:info@kanjana.com, URL:www.kanjana.com