Centuries of craftmanship have made Thai silk famous throughtout the world. Hand spunn and woven, Thai silk is unrivalled in its beauty, stunning design, fabric consistency and durability. Siam Silk is proud to offer a diverse range of Thai silk suitable not only for clothing but also home furnishing fabrics. We are constantly striving to diversitfy patterns and designs and improve production techniques to meet the needs of our customers. Custom-made clothing orders are welcome.



"Silk Wine Jacket are available in many different colors"

Ancient Thai people admired colorful and intricately designed clothing, seeing these garments as a sign of prosperity. Silver and nold brocaded textiles were especially valued by courtiers and royalty and used in traditional Thai Khon dramas.

Clothing, richly textured and brightly colored, is a sign of prosperity in Thai culture. Master weavers, producing textiles of the highest quality and most intricate design, still practice their art, teaching the next generation this centuries old traditional skill. It is with this tradition in mind that wer present our handmade 100% Thai Silk Wine Jacket, an attractive gift presentation idea for wine/spirits bottles. A unique and elegant form of gift-wrap, our Thai Silk Wine Jacket is a testament to Thai tradition and your good taste. Request for more information


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